Lumabots is a software company that offers cutting edge messenger bots to increase orders for restaurants while building your customer base
It works by sending customers to your messenger to place an order, it's that simple
You don't need much to get started with Lumabots besides a restaurant and a desire to market to your customers. Everything else depends on your motives and intent
You can browse over our pricing section and select the option to " Get Started ". If you're interested in taking the demo you can also select that button on our home page as well.
Our cost are kept simple. We charge a flat monthly fee of $199 as well as 10% commission for transactions processed in the software. This compared to other competitors in the industry leads to some really sizeable savings.
You are currently able to select from a variety of payment processors using the chatbot software to complete transactions which. Later in time we will be narrowing down the selection but the payout time is entirely dependent on the processor you choose.
We do not currently offer delivery to our clients, we're just the chatbot software. We are however planning to work with a third party to offer delivery to your customers. Be on the lookout for it to be announced!
By using Lumabots and properly marketing your messenger bot you can expect to see a pretty significant return on investment on both us and marketing dollars

Any Other Question? You Can Contact Us.